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Margot is currently an associate editor of Ride On magazine and holds a creative writing PhD from Flinders University. 

Features & opinion pieces

Reading beyond the comfort zone’, Lip Magazine (October 2014)

‘Lip’s Tips for Melbourne Writers Festival’, Lip Magazine (July 2014)

‘Books You Should Have Read By Now: Rebecca’, Lip Magazine (June 2014)

‘Australia’s top 50 bike-friendly cafes’, Ride On (April 2014)

‘Ride Report: Encounter Bikeway’, Ride On (April 2014)

‘The Third Wheel’, Ride On (February 2014)

‘Among the Secret Things: Why Donna Tartt’s Novels are Worth the Wait’, Kill Your Darlings, issue #16 (January 2014)

‘Risky Business’, Ride On (December 2013 – January 2014)

‘Magpie Madness’, Ride On (October-November 2013) 

‘Hair Raiser’, Ride On (August-September 2013)

‘Bike Buyer’s Guide’, Ride On (August-September 2013)

‘Gear Up for Winter’, Ride On (June-July 2013)

‘Into the Wind’, Ride On (June-July 2013)

‘Beat the Wind’, Ride On (April-May 2013)

‘Australia’s Top 50 Bike Riding Experiences’, Ride On (February-March 2013)

‘Lady Luck’, Ride On (February-March 2013)

‘Roll Among the Vines’, Ride On (February-March 2013)

‘A Ride of One’s Own’, Ride On (December-January 2013)

‘Tour Down Under 2013 Guide’, Ride On (December-January 2013)

‘Crash Course in Falling’, Ride On (October-November 2012)

‘Going, Going, Gone’, Ride On (August-September 2012) 

‘Chill Out it’s Only Winter’, Ride On (June-July 2012)

‘Carbon Fibre Care and Repair’, Ride On (April-May 2012)

‘To Justify Dreaming’, Writing Raw – (March 2012)

‘Month of Writing’, The Victorian Writer (Jan-Feb 2012)

‘All that Glitters: Decoding the Edward Cullen Effect’, Kill Your Darlings Literary Journal, Issue 5 (April 2011)

‘Student Bodies’, Viewpoint (September 2010)


Springtime: A Ghost Story by Michelle de Krester, Lip Magazine (December 2014)

The Promise by Tony Birch, Mascara Literary Review (October 2014)

Mothers Who Murder by Xanthe Mallett, Lip Magazine (August 2014)

The Unknown Woman by Jaqueline Lunn, Lip Magazine (July 2014)

The Loud Earth by Elisabeth Murray, Lip Magazine (June 2014)

The Cracks in the Kingdom by Jaclyn Moriarty, Australian Book Review (April 2014)

The Yellow Papers by Dominique Wilson, Lip Magazine (April 2014)

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Review: Alexis Dubus: Cars and Girls, Onya Magazine (April 2014)

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Review: Jordana Borensztajn: Like Me, Love Me, Retweet Me, Onya Magazine (April 2014)

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Review: ‘Genevieve Fricker: The Pineapple’, Onya Magazine (April 2014)

Hades by Candice Fox, Lip Magazine (March 2014)

Product launch: Cointreau Noir, ‘Cointreau Reveals its Dark Side’, Onya Magazine (March 2014)

The Wolves of Midwinter by Anne Rice, Lip Magazine (February 2014)

Film review: TracksOnya Magazine (February 2014)

The Last Girl by Michael Adams, Australian Book Review (December 2013 January 2014)

just_a_girl by Kirsten Krauth, Lip Magazine (November 2013)

Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty, Lip Magazine (October 2013)

Constance by Patrick McGrath, Lip Magazine (October 2013)

Thyla by Kate Gordon, Australian Book Review (June 2010)


‘Summer Evening’, dB Magazine (July 2011)

‘Memory of a Kiss’, Sorcerers and Soothsayers: Friendly Street 34 (April 2011)


‘Popular Necromancy: Parody and Allegory in True Blood and Supernatural’ Magic and the Supernatural (ed.Scott E. Hendrix and Timothy J. Shannon) eBook: Interdisciplinary.Net, March 2012. ISBN: 978-1-84888-095-5

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