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When there’s so much publicity around a book, it’s hard not to be curious. I’d heard really mixed things about Gone Girl, so I went in with an open mind and no real expectations. Okay, I lie. I’d decided it was probably going to be a trash fest.So I was pleasantly surprised when the opening chapters were actually quite good. Very good. Stay in bed reading until lunch time good.

The premise is simple: a woman goes missing in small town America. The chapters alternate between her diary leading up to her disappearance and her husband’s narration in the aftermath. Their relationship is less than perfect, and it’s pretty clear from the beginning that something doesn’t add up. For those who like the suspense factor high and their narrators unreliable, it’s pretty freaking awesome.

And then the second half of the book happens.

It’s pretty darn impossible to write about without giving the whole game away. But I really need to share the experience of reading those few hundred pages. I’ve rarely had such a strong reaction to a book. So, in the interest of not revealing ALL THE SPOILERS, I filmed my emotional journey through the second half. Enjoy.