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We picked up our not-so-trusty rental car just before lunch and set off on our adventure proper, travelling from Christchurch to Greymouth via the Southern Alps and Arthurs Pass. We’re no strangers to road trips, but for us it’s usually the straight, flat, 800km drive between Adelaide and Melbourne and New Zealand roads came as something of a shock. They wound past lush fields, up snowcapped mountains and along some pretty spectacular coastline (although this would come later). Also, because of the winding and the frequent road works, getting everywhere took three times as long as we expected. However, we were happy to sit back and enjoy the ride. If you’re keen for a driving holiday, you could do far worse than new Zealand’s South Island. Here’s just a taste of what we saw on Day One.

C to G 2

C to G 1

C 2 G 4

C 2 g 3

C 2 G 5

C 2 G 6

C 2 G 7

C 2 g 8