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Because there’s no accommodation in Milford Sound, many people book a room in Te Anau and take a day trip out to Milford Sound with one of the 3 million tourist operators in the area. Which is exactly what we did. However, Te Anau is a gorgeous lakeside town in its own right and we spent a lovely afternoon hiking around its banks, or t least a tiny faction of its banks because lakes in New Zealand are HUGE.

We also had dinner at the most bizarre Italian restaurant. I tried to take a picture, but the place was too big to fit in a photo and looked like a giant flag of Italy. They had a branded car out the front and all the staff were Italian. Oh, and the food was top notch.

Te Anau 1

Te Anau 2

Te Anau 4

Te Anau 5

Te Anau 6

Te Anau 6a

Te Anau 7

Te Anau 8Te Anau 10

Te Anau 11