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We had two nights in Dunedin and it was great to be back in a city after spending most of the trip in little regional towns and tourist hot spots. Dunedin scored bonus points for boasting really good, really cheap vegetarian fare, which had so far been difficult to come by (I’m looking at you Velvet Burger and Potpourri). Our room at the Park Regis was oddly designed with the walls at strange angles, but it was HUGE.

However, we spent little time in the city itself, instead driving to the nearby Orokonui Ecosanctury to see some native birdlife and hunt down what is rumoured to be New Zealand’s tallest tree. The tree was indeed very tall. It was, however, also a gum tree which wasn’t hugely exciting for us, given we live in Australia where gum trees are everywhere. In fact, I’m looking at one through my window right now. Sure, it’s not as big as the New Zealand one, but I didn’t hike for three hours to reach it either.

That said, the hike was one of the highlights of the trip. We saw lots of birdlife, lizards and some pretty amazing rainforest.

Dunedin kicks Radelaide's but as the City of Churches

Dunedin kicks Radelaide’s but as the City of Churches

Odd street art.

Odd street art

This guy

This guy

Dunedin 4

Dunedin 6

Dunedin 7

Dunedin 8

Dunedin 9

Dunedin 10

Dunedin 11

Dunedin 12

Dunedin 13

Dunedin 14

New Zealand’s tallest tree

New Zealand's tallest tree and me (for scale)

New Zealand’s tallest tree and me (for scale)

Dunedin 16

Dunedin 17

Dunedin 18

Dunedin 19

Dunedin 20