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What is Project Green Phoenix?

What happened on Day 1?

I’ve realised that, despite getting a proper job and moving out of a share house several years ago, I still live like an undergraduate. If my man isn’t home for dinner, I eat Heinz Soup For One and crumpets. I have a floordrobe and never make the bed unless I know people are coming over and are likely to judge. And my garden is full of plastic pots, most of them picked up from hard rubbish. While not even getting married could make me give up my soup for one, it’s probably time I started acting like an adult and putting my clean clothes in the wardrobe and my herbs in terracotta pots.

With that in mind, today was a craft day. I went down to Bunnings first thing like the good little house wife I am decidedly not and picked up fertiliser, a rake, grown-up pots and paint. Then I headed to CERES nursery and picked out a bunch of herbs to replace those I’ve lately killed, and also some seeds for my winter veggie patch.

Back home, I primed my pots and painted them different shades of blue for something a little different and to match the trim around our house. I just painted my pots in block colours, and even that resulted in a huge mess, especially seeing as I didn’t think to buy terps to wash everything with after. (Handy hint: if you find yourself in a similar tight spot, or just don’t want to use harsh chemicals, particularly on your skin, vegetable oil works just as well.) For my pots I used two base coats and two top coats. However, if you’re in the market for some painted pots that look much snazzier than mine, I highly recommend taking a look at those by the very talented Birds Nests for Hair. They are hand painted with love by my best friend and are absolutely gorgeous.

Between coats, I did a bit more pruning and started turning the soil in the veggie patch and adding fertiliser in preparation for planting. Tomorrow the real excitement begins!