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I’ll be honest, things haven’t been going well in the garden this summer, and being away for the past three weeks hasn’t helped. However, the great thing about gardens is that they’re seasonal. March is a time for rebirth, for ripping out the dead and fatally wilted and beginning again. Even better news, I still have a week of holidays left, and I’m keen to get my hands dirty.

I’m good at making plans, but not so great with the follow through, which is where you, reader, come into play. By sharing with you the shame of my summer gardening efforts (or lack thereof) and promising to turn things around by week’s end, I’m far more likely to make it happen than if I just promise myself.

Therefore, I’m proud to introduce Project Green Phoenix. Think Backyard Blitz on a much smaller budget (what I can save from this week’s grocery money) and without Jamie Durie. Instead, you get me in an unflattering straw hat working against the clock (and the clause in my lease that says I’m not allowed to completely re-landscape the backyard) to bring order to the chaos.

I’ll post updates on my progress throughout the week and a final report on Sunday. But for now, my shame, the Before Photos. Wish me luck.