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This is more of a brag fest than an actual post. Now that there’s still some daylight to spare when we get home from work I’m enjoying many a happy evening tending to my little leafy monsters. I’ve finally got all my planting done for the spring growing season and am enormously proud to say that that garden is finally making the transition from junk yard to back yard.

Behold the glorious beauty of my Eden! *Glory appears somewhat diminished as shot through the dirt smudged lens of a phone that should have been retired to the techno graveyard several years ago.

The quagmire transformed!

The broad beans have been restrained after their stealthy attempts to smother the roquette and beets in their ongoing battle to claim the coveted ‘King of the Garden’ title.

Unfortunately for the broad beans, the sweet peas are my current favourite, having just produced a bumper crop.

Silverbeet facing an identity crisis. The poor thing thing is convinced it’s a Norfolk Pine.

Beetroot, mint and nasturtiums dishing the dirt on each other.

The roquette has finally achieved lift off!

The lone mint stalk hidden among the weeds is well on it’s way to taking over the entire yard.

Baby capsicums!

Cucumbers! There’s also five (soon to be six) varieties of tomatoes, basil and marigolds growing in the main bed with these guys.

Leeks and egg plant.

The raspberry bush is sporting lots of new growth as it gears up for the Summer of the Berry.

The strawberry path is also thriving under threat of being ripped out if they don’t produce enough fruit to make jam.

Despite me having failed to find a bigger pot as yet, my lemon tree is getting ready to flower!

In the front yard i’m planted up a camomile crop.

Paper daisies from Ceres to make the place look presentable.

And my favourite little man is still keeping watch on the front step.