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Now that we have a little garden rather than just a shaded balcony, I’ve been counting the days until spring to start planting up a proper veggie patch. Random hail storms aside, things have started to warm up this week and the last week of August is practically spring (it’s not like mother nature is going to flip a switch so that everything will magically start growing on the first day of September), so last night I drew up some highly technical plans and this morning got to digging.

The plan.

The unsuspecting back yard before things got messy.

Our back yard is covered in that awful, weedy long grass that grows on vacant blocks. It’s hideous and I hate it even more now I know how difficult it is to rip out, but by lunch time I was making progress.

It doesn’t look like much, but that little patch right there is four hours’ worth of back-breaking work for this little lady.

The most exciting find of the day came when I tried to extend the main bed past the random piece of concrete border sticking up in the middle of the lawn. My shovel struck something hard and an hour later I’d uncovered a brick path. Soon after I also discovered mint growing against the back fence, following which I started fanatsising wildly about The Secret Garden, wondering what other treasures I would uncover and how many lives would be saved by the lush and magical kingdom my backyard will obviously become by the end of spring. Unfortunately the only other things of note to be dug up was an old liquor bottle, a used bandaid and (inexplicably) a bobbin wound with rotted thread.

Unearthing the secret path.

Discovery of the mint plant. Bring on the organic mojitos!

I managed to get a whole lot of seeds into either the ground or seedling trays (which, you’ll notice in the pictures, bear an uncanny resemblance to egg cartons). In the coming months, if I can get everything to grow, we’ll be enjoying orange AND purple carrots, tomatoes from berry to throw-at-a-dull-performer-size, eggplant, beetroot, chilies, more strawberries and a whole lot of herbs. Because I was feeling pretty pooped after all the digging and planting, there’s still more tomatoes and capsicums to go in the ground, and if there’s room I’m hoping to get some broccoli and cucumber in there too.

Where better to sow the egg plant? man, sometimes I crack myself up.

Grow my pretties, grow!

I’ve already got a whole lot of silverbeet, broad beans, sweet peas, berries, herbs and a baby lemon tree growing away, so hopefully by summer we’ll have so many veggies, we’ll be giving them away (a girl can dream, right?).

The herb garden. I’ll dig some space for the new guys when they start to sprout.

Raspberries, marion berries, blueberries and the baby lemon tree.

New strawberry seeds join their older siblings as I begin gearing up for the ‘Summer of the Berry’.

For now though, I’m lying on the couch hoping my back stops hurting enough by next weekend so I can get back to digging next weekend.