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I’ve been back in the garden this weekend feeling very excited because the seeds I planted a few weeks back have finally started to sprout! With the near-hurricane level winds we’ve been enjoying lately, a lot of the seeds ended up in different pots and now I’ve got roquette growing with the peas and daisies and blue pimpernels popping up beside the marion berry bush. Ah, well. I can always sort the little tackers out when they grow up a bit.

I’ve given the whole patch a good fertilize and cut off all the withering bits and used them as compost.

Most exciting of all though, are my strawberries. This afternoon I ripped out a whole lot of dead beans and divided up a few more strawberry plants to pot in their place. I’m now up to 15 strawberry plants altogether in anticipation of the Summer of the Berry, when I’m hoping to have so many berries I’ll have to make jams just to use them all.

Gorgeous winter blooms add a splash of colour

My favourite part of the patch. Spent a rare sunny morning yesterday enjoying breakfast coffee among the flowers

Tiny seedlings popping up next to the marion berry bush

Baby violas peeking out from under the dahlia

Homemade compost

Broad beans in bloom

The mint choc plant returns from the dead in a bigger pot

The ever-growing strawberry crop

The oregano plant got a good trim

Life in the planter box. Note the still-blooming tomato plant up the back : )

The patch in it’s entirety