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After visting so many craft markets of late I’ve been getting the creative itch, and for a change I knew exactly how to scratch it.

Of late I’ve had a bit of a thing for lace. I love the neat, geometric detail.  There’s a beautiful juxtaposition in lace between the whimsical and delicate and the logical and formulaic that is absolutely beautiful. I love the idea of working with these kinds of patterns and watching how each tiny step builds towards the whole.

However, my sewing skills leave much to be desired, so I decided to experiment with creating lace in different media. I’m calling it Project Straight Laced.

My first attempt. Paintinga round the lace was time consuming and tricky, but I was still really excited about the general idea and thought about different ways to manage the ‘colouring in’.

While I considered the colouring in problem, I decided to try my hand at lace card making.

Beginnings of a ‘get well’ card for my nanna, who’s recovering from a knee operation.

Back to the canvases.