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I have a bit of exciting news. I’ve just been offered my first-ever full time grown up job! My parents and the Mister are thrilled that I’ve finally decided to become a responsible adult and join the real world and I’m excited because the job is working at Ride On magazine, where I’ve been working part time since the start of the year.

I’m also excited because a full time pay check means I get to do other exciting grown up things, like living somewhere larger than a shoe box. I’m so giddy with the idea that I’ve gone into full-on nesting mode. The Mister and I have started scoping out possible places to rent and recently went on a little jaunt to Richmond (the suburb we’d most love to inhabit).

We love Richmond because it’s close to everything: work, friends, the river, public transport, great cafes like 1000 blessings (pictured above). It’s also somewhere we can afford an actual house, albeit a rather small house. With our growing bike and book collections, my new found desire to make us self sufficient from our vegie patch and our need to have somewhere to write (me) and build/tinker with bikes (Mister), a one bedroom apartment on the third floor just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

We’ve also been looking at places a little further out on the north-east side of the city where we’d have a longer commute but a really big house and garden to come home to and still be much closer to our friends.

All this fantasising about having a back yard got me a bit hyper and I spent the better part of this morning pottering in my balcony patch, which I am completely obsessed with and generally blog about at The Urban Patch. I’ve so far restrained myself from gushing about my plants here, but I’m feeling so damn homemakerish today I just can’t help myself!

I’m currently trying to double my strawberry plants in preparation for the ‘Summer of the Berry’ I’ve got planned. Here I’ve buried a runner in a new pot in the hopes it will take root.

I also divided one of my plants. Google tells me this doesn’t always work, but fingers crossed.

A few weeks ago my crop of sweet peas inexplicably carked it, so this moring I ripped them out and replaced them with dwarf bean seeds, which I’ve so far had a lot of luck with (although according to the packet it’s getting a bit late to plant them).

I have more basil than i know what to do with. They were spread all over the garden, but I’ve now replanted them in two boxes. I’m a little bit proud of these babies – they were the first thing i successfully grew from seed.

My rosemary was buried under towering basil plants and getting way too much water, which i recently learnt it doesn’t like. Now it has its own pot to dry out in.

It is my pleasure to introduce Head Gardener Claude.

A little something I picked up at the Camberwell markets that has just thrived!

This is Francois. He’s small but incredibly bossy. I’ve put him in charge of the insecticide seedlings, which are going to protect the patch from all manner of grubs when they bloom.

Some of my silver beet soaking up the sun.

The newly arranged planter box made for me by the Mister from crates scavenged from hard rubbish.

Here it is, the whole patch.