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Last weekend I continued my endless exploration of Melbourne by visiting the People’s Flea Market in the Docklands with a couple of girlfriends. This was my first adventure in the Land of Docks and it reminded me a lot of Pt Adelaide – formerly industrial now pricey. The market, however, harkens back to the area’s original feel with stalls dotted between shipping containers. The day we chose to visit was the Windiest Day of All Time and was only the third weekend the market had been open. Consequently, there weren’t many people about, but that only meant we got our pick of the goodies and didn’t have to line up for the uh-mazing coffee and muffins.

My (rather weak) psychic powers tell me the People’s Flea Market is going to be hu-uge the instant the hipster hordes get wind of it, so if you’re kicking around in Melbs and looking for something to do one Saturday soon, definitely check it out.

My favourite thing about flea markets? Picking up strange bits 'n' bobs full of stories, like this jug that came all the way from Italy.